Customize your glassware with unique engraving

Handmade glassware has a distinctive look and feel but add engraving to the ensemble and you get something extraordinary - something very personal and unique. 

As you may have noticed in the product section, most often we engrave one of the four of our signature patterns onto our products  - Grape Vine, Thistle, Branches or Butterflies. These patterns date back to Lorup's vintage patterns that we have modified and reinvented.

We encourage you to personalise your glassware with engraving of your own choosing. All products can be customised with engraving - this is a great option if you are looking for a special gift or just want to have glassware that no one else has. We can engrave patterns, names, dates or short messages onto the glass. Have a look at the gallery below for inspiration.

To request a special engraving onto items you wish to purchase, please email us prior purchase to arrange the details. Please be aware that a pattern or larger image can be engraved to clear glass only (i.e. not on riffled or matte glass), whereas initials, names and dates can be engraved on all glass items that we sell.