Handmade Estonian glass since 1792

Glasstone makes timeless and elegant handblown glass seamlessly mixing vintage designs with modern influences. Every piece of glassware is unique and slightly different, giving it a particular charm that has captured the fascination of people for centuries.

We at Glasstone believe that beauty is the upmost form of functionality and as such offer our customers small pieces of art that are meant for everyday use. Each item that we sell is manually engraved by our in-house engraver with one of our signature patterns. We can also customise any item with engraving of your choice  - be it a special gift or simply just to personalise your glassware.

Glasstone is a small Estonian glass manufacturer with rich and diverse heritage, dating back to the 18th century through Tarbeklaas, Lorup and Meleski glass factory. Estonian glass manufacturing has a long and interesting history, to find out more, please continue reading in the About us section. 

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